APAI Wins National ACEC Environmental Excellence Award!

APAI received an EEA Honor Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies for North Texas Municipal District’s East Fork Raw Water Supply Project. NTMWD and Rosewood Corporation’s commitment to the efficient use of water resources facilitated the groundbreaking East Fork Raw Water Supply Project. This project has enabled NTMWD to meet a significant portion of its raw water needs through an environmentally friendly approach utilizing the largest constructed wetland in the country used within an indirect-potable reuse project. The East Fork Raw Water Supply Project also represents an excellent example of the effectiveness of a public-private partnership in achieving the objectives of each entity. In partnership with the Rosewood Corporation, NTMWD developed a reliable water supply source using a natural system. Rosewood fulfilled its goal of restoring wetland habitat while providing educational opportunities for the local community as well as research opportunities for several universities. The East Fork Raw Water Supply Project exemplifies environmental excellence through water conservation, ecological restoration, and educational outreach.