APAI Wins ACEC Texas Honor for the 2011 Region C Water Plan

Alan Plummer Associates, Inc., as part of a consulting team, was awarded a 2011 ACEC–Texas Engineering Excellence Silver Medal Award for their work on the 2011 Region C Water Plan.

Region C is one of 16 regional water planning groups in Texas established by the Texas Water Development Board and charged with developing a regional water plan to be incorporated in the Board’s statewide water plan. The Regional Water Plans are updated every five years. Region C is the only Texas water region that depends primarily on sources outside the region for most of its future supply.

Because Region C’s local water sources have been fully developed and the Region faces population growth of eight million people by 2060 (more than one-third of the State’s projected population growth), the Region must focus on developing additional water resources, exploring options in both new locations and applying technology. The 2011 Region C Water Plan provides a path for developing lower-cost, more sustainable strategies first, drawing 25 percent of water from new sources from conservation and reuse.

In 2006, Region C accounted for 25 percent of the Texas population and used 1.4 million acrefeet
of water. The 357 water user groups and 41 wholesale water providers in Region C—more than any other region—include municipal water suppliers for the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex, surrounding cities, and many local suppliers in rural counties. The planning process included the most extensive surveying of these groups and providers of any regional plan. In addition, there were extensive meetings and interviews to assemble the comprehensive set of data on which the Plan is based.