Texoma Outfall to Wylie Water Treatment Plant Pipeline Project - Blending Facilities, North Texas Municipal Water District

Plummer performed the process design, and managed the detailed design of the treatment plant improvements associated with the transfer of Texoma Lake water to the 800 MGD Wylie Water Treatment Plant. Since the water quality in Texoma Lake differed significantly from the District’s other sources, the facilities for blending the two waters required superior mixing facilities, flow control from each source, and automation of the chemical feed facilities to each plant. The $50 million project included a raw water flow control sleeve valve, mixing boxes and storage tanks for each train, and modifications to the chemical feed system. The project was completed using the Construction Manager at Risk project delivery system. Plummer developed a jar testing protocol to evaluate the treatment impacts of mixing the two waters.  Blend ratio, coagulant dose, and polymer were varied, and the tests were conducted seasonally to determine impacts to the current treatment technique. Plummer coordinated the potential increase in bromide concentration with the bromate mitigation techniques that were employed during the ozone pilot testing at the plant. Plummer expanded on the pilot testing results to determine if bromate formation would limit the ability to treat Texoma water.