Denton Creek Regional Wastewater System Master Plan Update, Trinity River Authority of Texas

The Dallas County Utility and Reclamation District (DCURD) retained Plummer to determine the best source of up to 16 MGD of nonpotable water to serve the Las Colinas community. Plummer provided engineering services that included performing the feasibility study, providing technical input into permitting, developing and maintaining the reclaimed water distribution system model, designing pump stations and distribution mains, and developing design concepts for extending the water supply to serve additional customers. Plummer evaluated several sources including groundwater, surface water, treated potable water, and reclaimed water from the Trinity River Authority’s Central Regional Wastewater System wastewater treatment plant. 

The source selected to be the most reliable and, in the long term, the most economical, was reclaimed water. The water uses include irrigation of three golf courses, landscaped areas for several office complexes, other landscaped areas, and maintenance of water levels in more than 30 lakes and canals throughout Las Colinas. The supply system has provided over 20 billion gallons of reclaimed water since inception.