Water Resource Planning

Plummer has been participating, either as a lead consultant or as a subconsultant, in the regional water planning process since it was enacted by the 75th legislature through Senate Bill 1 in 1997. During this time we have supported the water planning process in 5 of the 16 planning regions, including Regions B, C, I, K and M. Our regional water planning work has covered all of the planning elements required by the TWDB, and has included several special in-depth studies related to specific issues in certain regions. Our team has developed and/or verified population and demand projections through interviews and surveys with wholesale water providers and water-user groups. We have supported the development of current water supply estimates through review of hydrologic evaluations and Water Availability Modeling. We have recommended feasible Water Management Strategies that, if developed, secure the future water supply needed to support economic viability and growth. We prepared estimates of costs for each water management strategy, providing water suppliers with the information they need to receive state funding assistance for implementation of the water management strategies. In addition to these standard tasks, we have leveraged Plummer’s unique strengths in water conservation, water reuse and water quality to focus on development and assessment of water conservation and reuse strategies and impacts to water quality of all water management strategies.