Corpus Christi Wastewater Regulatory Support Project

We help the City of Corpus Christi Wastewater Utilities Department to protect the environment and its wastewater system by producing top-quality applications for discharge permit renewals and amendments for the City’s 6 wastewater treatment plants.  We assist the department with a wide range of issues related to water quality standards in the City’s many receiving water bodies and help them plan for their future by modeling the impact of future wastewater flows on those water bodies.  We advise the department on potential regulatory changes that could impact them and how to manage for those changes; and, when necessary, we provide technical/regulatory support in enforcement issues.  After nearly a quarter century of service to the Wastewater Utilities Department, our impact has been to help the City of Corpus Christi maintain the high quality of its streams, rivers, and bays; and do so cost effectively.