Ten Mile Creek Regional Wastewater System Master Plan and Five-Year Capital Improvements Plan, Trinity River Authority of Texas

Plummer provided planning for the 24-MGD wastewater treatment plant, which included a detailed plan for the next 20 years as well as long-range planning beyond the year 2060. Evaluations regarding probable influent quality and loads, future discharge permit criteria, liquids and solids treatment train planning, and electrical and energy efficiency were included. Additionally, the project included an asset inventory to document equipment/asset age and condition and to identify items that are in need of improvement or replacement. A service water system analysis was conducted, including a hydraulic model of the system. An evaluation of additional beneficial reuse of the plant’s effluent was included, along with the development of key implementation steps. The facility’s first comprehensive odor control evaluation is another major component of the master plan which included sampling, modeling of odor sources and their impacts, and development of a plan to further control odors at the facility. All capital improvements identified by these various and comprehensive evaluations were incorporated into a capital improvements plan, which provided the Authority with a computerized way of documenting and tracking various capital projects.