Martin Road Lake, City of Amarillo, Texas

The scope of this project included the evaluation of existing flooding conditions in the drainage basin (2.7 square miles) of Martin Road Lake and the assessment of the storage capacity of the existing playa lake. Plummer included the topographic survey of the lake and field investigation of the condition of all inlets and several miles of storm water collection systems. Included in the scope of services was the evaluation of the current ASAPP playa lake model and the cost-benefit analysis to reduce the floodplain elevation by excavating the lake. Plummer utilized several technological tools, including Closed Circuit Television pipe inspection and mobile geo-referencing and tagging of all field data. Plummer used the HEC-HMS model to re-evaluate hydrologic conditions and were able to optimize planned improvements and increase the level of flood protection to about 120 homes in the watershed.

Plummer prepared construction plans and obtained permits to excavate almost 400,000 cubic yards of earth and construct downslope conveyance systems to prevent lake side scour. The project cost about $4.2 million and will be complete in the summer of 2016. Plummer is providing construction management services and once the final survey is performed, Plummer will prepare final hydrologic and hydraulic models and develop FEMA Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) application. Plummer is under contract to obtain the LOMR from FEMA. Throughout the project Plummer coordinated with the City Parks Department to create multi-objective solutions to optimize park uses.