High-Purity Oxygen Injection for Odor Control Evaluation and Design, Trinity River Authority of Texas

The Trinity River Authority’s Central Wastewater System is a 162-MGD activated sludge process wastewater treatment plant. It received flow from 21 municipalities and serves 1.2 million customers in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. 

Plummer developed the preliminary and final design for this first-of-its-kind project. This project involved introducing high-purity oxygen in the force main within a wastewater treatment plant for odor control. Plummer performed full-scale and bench-scale tests to determine the optimum oxygen dosage and designed the injection site work and assisted in designing the oxygen delivery system. Plummer also conducted an extensive evaluation to determine the best equipment for dissolving gas oxygen into the wastewater. This process is less than half of the cost of conventional techniques over a 20-year life-cycle.