Environmental Resources

Our Environmental Resources Division provides support services for the traditional environmental engineering projects within Plummer as well as for independent clients. Timely project implementation requires that potential issues associated with environmental concerns be identified early in the planning process. Real-estate transactions and developments for both public and private entities must take into account permit requirements related to jurisdictional waters of the United States (streams and wetlands), potential impacts to threatened and endangered species, and cultural resources. These potential environmental issues should be determined and addressed as early as possible in the planning and design concept stage to achieve an economical and practicable design within regulatory constraints. Changes in design to meet regulatory constraints can generate major consequences including time delays and additional costs. Training and extensive experience with USACE personnel and other review agencies including TCEQ, TWDB, Texas Historical Commission, TPWD, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and USEPA enables Plummer staff to provide comprehensive environmental assessments and assist in developing project designs that efficiently and effectively meet both project and regulatory requirements.