East Fork Raw Water Supply Project – Pump Station, North Texas Municipal Water District

The conveyance pump station is designed for an ultimate peak capacity of 150 mgd at 550 TDH (240 psi). The interim capacity is 110 mgd at 380 TDH (165 psi). Three 3,000-hp vertical turbine pumps were selected to provide the initial pumping capacity. These pumps were preferred because the motor was required to be located above floodplain, and the flow-head characteristics satisfied the pumping conditions. Two of the pumps are equipped with VFDs to allow the pumps to match the varying flow coming from the wetlands. Two additional pump cans were provided to house two 6,000-hp pumps. These will be installed to meet peak demand in the future.

The pump station is equipped with a SCADA system to allow NTMWD to operate the station from its main base of operations about 30 miles away.

A separate electrical substation was constructed solely to provide for the large power demand of the pump station. The pump station includes:

  • Pumping Units: Vertical turbine
  • Number of Pumps: 3 plus 2 future 6,000-hp
  • Pump Capacities and Horsepowers
    • 25,462.8 gpm and 3,000 hp with VFD1
    • 25,462.8 gpm and 3,000 hp with VFD2
    • 25,462.8 gpm and 3,000 hp
    • 2 future 6,000 hp