Lubbock North Water_sized

Lubbock North Water Plant

Plummer supported the City of Lubbock during the construction phase of this project with construction management and part time resident representative services. Project consisted of multiple structures, underground utilities, storage tanks, paving, electrical, SCADA, and site work.  Project value was $9,000,000 for design and construction.

The project consisted of new chemical treatment processes and facilities to treat water for City of Lubbock.  The water plant is equipped to handle approximately 70MGD. To improve the flocculation process, the two flocculation stages were separated so that each stage could be individually controlled and the mechanism type was changed to a walking-beam style to (1) improve the flocculation process, (2) allow all of the items that require maintenance to be located above the water surface elevation, and (3) allow for all of the submerged components to be either stainless steel (type 316) or fiberglass. In addition to the flocculation improvements, the design includes the conversion of the existing chlorine gas system (two banks of eight one-ton containers with a remote vacuum regulator) to a 12.5-percent sodium hypochlorite storage and feed system. This conversion was a continuation of the City’s efforts to improve plant safety and match disinfection systems at their other facilities. A three-chemical chlorine dioxide system (sodium hypochlorite, hydrochloric acid, and sodium chlorite) was designed to provide for disinfection credits and to mitigate nitrification in the distribution system with the chlorite ion.