Victoria Wetland, INVISTA

Plummer served as a member of the DuPont Victoria Wetland design team, with responsibility for plant selection and design of the vegetation plan. Plummer also provided engineering and scientist input into wetland system detailed design of construction documents and participated in preparing detailed specifications for development of an on-site wetland nursery. This participation included major responsibility in developing planting specifications, planting coordination, and vegetation monitoring during the construction phase. The Wildlife Habitat Council-certified site includes a 53-acre wetland that returns up to 3.2 million gallons of water per day to the Guadalupe River. This assignment also involved development of start-up operations plans for the system. Plummer served on a wetland evaluation team with responsibility of monitoring the vegetation and assessing the wetland’s performance. DuPont changed the name of the Victoria Plant to INVISTA prior to selling this production facility to Koch Industries.