Wastewater Collection System Master Plan and Asset Management Program, City of Amarillo, Texas

Plummer worked closely with the City of Amarillo to develop the 2012 Wastewater Master Plan (WWMP) that can be dynamically adjusted over time as new information becomes available. In addition to inspecting and renewing this aging existing infrastructure, the City needs to prepare for future growth and development with investments in new infrastructure. An infrastructure renewal plan was developed for the wastewater system assets using a risk assessment approach. Likelihood of Failure (LOF), Consequence of Failure (COF) and Risk of Failure (ROF) scores were developed of collection system assets as the basis to prioritize system renewal. A long term (50 year) sustainable renewal forecast projected the investment required to maintain system service levels.

A software tool was developed to help Utility Staff track, update, and append improvement projects proposed in the Wastewater Capital Improvement Program as new information becomes available The Dynamic Planning Tool supports Utility Staff beyond the duration of the WWMP contract with the decision-making tools to select and implement the right project at the right time. These tools better equip Utility Staff to keep their Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) current and up-to-date.