Wastewater Collection System Asset Management, City of Odessa, Texas

Infrastructure rehabilitation was an integral component of the City of Odessa’s Sanitary Sewer Overflow Initiative (SSOI) Agreement with the TCEQ. To assist the City in meeting the requirements of its SSOI Agreement, Plummer conducted a detailed sewer system performance assessment. The objective of the assessment was to evaluate the sewer system condition and performance and to develop measures for minimizing SSOs. This assessment was completed as one of the tasks in an overall water and sewer system improvement planning project. Output from the City’s existing hydraulic model was utilized to assess the system hydraulic capacity under dry- and wet-weather flow conditions. System performance was evaluated by compiling and analyzing eight years of historical customer service order records for overflows, blockages, repairs, and odor complaints. A series of knowledge-capture sessions were conducted with the City’s water system operation and maintenance staff to identify specific areas of concern and to develop a sewer system condition assessment. The evaluation produced a number of recommendations and conclusions for improving sewer system performance.

Condition and criticality ratings were used to prioritize over 8,900 individual sewer line segments that make up the nearly 500 miles of the City’s collection system. Spot-field investigations using CCTV and zoom camera-on-a-pole technologies were conducted to verify the condition ratings. Recommendations were compiled into a six-year comprehensive inspection and rehabilitation program.