The Woodlands Wastewater Program Management, San Jacinto River Authority, Texas

A complete system inventory was developed for the four major wastewater system asset groups; gravity mains, thirty lift stations, force mains, and three treatment facilities. An initial condition assessment of the system assets was based on field investigations, site visits, staff condition assessments and other available data. A business risk assessment of the asset inventory was developed to prioritize assets for renewal. Likelihood of failure (LOF) and consequence of failure (COF) components were developed for each major asset group. Asset risk scores provide the basis for prioritizing system improvements and developing an asset renewal investment plan across asset groups relative to the desired level of service. Final asset risk scores were validated through a post prioritization processing workshop with SJRA staff. An Asset Management Plan will guide SJRA in the business case evaluation of its assets to develop near term five (5) and ten (10) year CIP budget plans. The AM Plan will also include a long term asset sustainability assessment that will provide a 50 year asset investment forecast for new infrastructure and for asset renewal. Phase II of the asset management program involved rehabilitation of critical assets, detailed filed investigations of the high risk assets, and further development of asset management business processes.