Our Team

“It’s the people that make the difference. We pride ourselves in hiring top-quality professionals that exhibit both technical and professional integrity. ”– Alan Plummer, Founder

Company culture. Commitment and compassion for our people including supporting family values.  Commitment to achieving as much security for our people as practical. Commitment to high quality service to our clients. Commitment to integrity.

4-davisPlummer is important to me because of the security it provides for me and my family, the relationships I have been able to grow with my coworkers and clients, the opportunities I have had to serve others on fascinating projects, and the ability that I have had to grow both personally and professionally. – A.D., Project Manager (1998–present)

I enjoy working for Plummer because they care about the employees and their families, they provide each employee with opportunities to grow, and they have a passion for using engineering to improve the lives of citizens. – G.F., Project Manager (2008–present)

Plummer is a rewarding company to work for thanks to the emphasis on integrity, the quality of our work, and the focus on assisting our clients with their critical water resources issue. There are so many opportunities for professional development and mentoring. Best of all, I get to work with a group of talented, friendly, and family-oriented people every day! – S.S., Project Manager (2009–present)

I enjoy working at Plummer because of the wide range of interesting projects I get to participate in. I get to work with great people who are experts in their field, and my supervisors always have an open door. I also appreciate that Plummer has so much transparency as a company: we have regular meetings to inform employees about projects other offices have completed, marketing opportunities, and sales reviews and forecasts. Altogether, Plummer provides a dynamic and challenging work environment, and I am happy to be a part of this team. – C.S., Project Engineer (2012 – present)