APAI Rolls Out CIP Assessment Tool

APAI is Taking Capital Project Decision Making to the Next Level

APAI has developed the dynamic, data-driven, and risk-based CIP Assessment Tool to help utilities perform better asset evaluations and guide capital decision-making.

Due to municipal budget constraints, capital projects are often selected as reactions to emergencies and citizen feedback. This tool generates a proactive alternative – technical, risk-based results to guide capital investments. The application is web-based, so there is no hardware to install or manage. The data is secure and password protected but fully accessible and updatable by you, the client. Output from the CIP Assessment Tool can also be used to communicate with citizens and public officials.

APAI will develop the risk matrix, mobile application, and secure web interface for your custom asset database, and the rest is up to you. Once your master database is built, we can provide field and technical support, if needed.

The CIP Assessment Tool application provides the following:

  • Master database for seamless upload and management of field condition and attribute data from any mobile device (using free mobile app Collector for ArcGIS)
  • On-demand scoring of asset data using a utility’s custom risk matrix, with likelihood of failure and consequence of failure parameters (using ArcGIS Server – client or APAI)
  • Map and table views, data-driven filters, queries, and charts that update on-the-fly

Click here to check out the CIP Assessment Tool

It’s configured with a hypothetical dataset, photos, and map features from low water crossings (historical DFW sites). Also try the on-demand risk score tool – toolbox icon in lower left corner.


Matt Stahl and Tom Hegemier recently presented on this tool at the Texas Floodplain Management Agency, 2016 Fall Conference. For more information and to schedule an onsite demo, please contact Matt or Tom. Matt Stahl, PE (North Texas) at 817.806.1700 or Tom Hegemier, PE, D.WRE, CFM (Central/South Texas) at 512.452.5905.